WARNING!  Read this BEFORE you try any other so called 'treatment' for your Rotator Cuff Injury...

"When the Physiotherapist Treating My Rotator Cuff Injury Actually Gave Up, I Was FORCED to Discover This Amazing & Completely Natural Treatment - It's Shockingly Fast & Easy and Can All Be Done From the Comfort of Home ...Even While Watching Television - It Takes Less Than 30 Minutes a Few Times a Week!"

This amazing discovery could free you from the pain of an injured rotator cuff in less than a few weeks - even if you've had a chronic rotator cuff injury  for much longer!


This customer got immediate relief - and you could too...
"I massaged my shoulder as directed in the first video. I did this several times during the first day. The relief was immediate. Really, it is better now. I couldn't do lat pull-down's at the gym, at all for 9 months. It's somewhat painful now, but at least I can do them."

Kathleen Poole, CA, USA

See more customer success stories below...

From: Sean Jacey
Healing your rotator cuff injury

ear Rotator Cuff Injury Sufferer

f you want to finally escape the daily pain, suffering and frustration of rotator cuff injury and get better faster and more easily than you ever dared to hope... and do it completely naturally, in the comfort of home, without spending any more money on ineffective treatments, wonder pills, lotions and gadgets... then this will be the most important thing you read today.

You're finally about to discover an easy, effective and completely natural way you can heal your rotator cuff injury so you can once again live life as you did before being crippled by this debilitating injury.

And it's not a method something you're likely to hear about from any doctor or health care provider - even if they did know!  


Because, as effective as this method is, it's hard for anyone in the medical or drug industry to make a buck out of something this simple that you can do all by yourself!  

Listen, I'm just a regular guy - I'm not a doctor or physiotherapist, or any other medical professional for that matter, so don't take what I'm about to say as medical advice...BUT...

Here's the thing - none of the many medical professionals I saw could solve my rotator cuff injury problem!  And none of them ever shared such a method with me as I'm about to share with you.

I had to find the solution myself and now that I've found it I can share it with you.  I healed my chronic rotator cuff injury faster than I dreamed possible and I'm going to show you exactly how.

And it's worked for a lot of others as well so do you think it might work for you too?

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"Keys to A 
Healthy R
otator Cuff"

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My name is Sean Jacey and a while ago I was dealing with the same kind of pain you might have now.  I was a young personal fitness trainer with a painful and persistent chronic rotator cuff injury in my right shoulder.

The "Recipe" For Rotator Cuff Injury

This was an injury I acquired during my ignorant and impetuous youth...  I got into bodybuilding very young, was careless and did too much too soon - mix in some over zealous martial arts training with no time for recovery and it really was a recipe for injury.  

This injury had been with me for a long time and it just refused to heal completely and stop hurting - I'm talking long term chronic here - years not months!  And it was making my life hell!

Maybe you know the kind of hell I'm talking about...

The pain was with me all the time and the injury was interfering with my ability to accept work - how can you be a fitness trainer when you're half crippled with injury and pain?

And believe me when I tell you I'd tried nearly everything short of surgery to fix this injury...

I'd tried various doctors and sports specialists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and orthopaedic surgeons.  None of these people were able to give me any lasting relief and some seemed to make it worse!

This expensive merry-go-round went on and on, and all through it I was still in pain and frustrated to tears - until...

My Physiotherapist Told Me 
She Couldn't Help Me Anymore!

The last straw was during a physiotherapy session for my shoulder.  The physiotherapist took me into the treatment room and told me that she couldn't do anything more for me!

And then to add insult to injury she even charged me her standard fee just for telling me that!!

Well, that really left me up the proverbial creek.  

I'd tried everything else I had been prepared to try (I wasn't prepared to try surgery) and those physiotherapy sessions had been the last thing that seemed to have a chance of helping me. 

I realized I was on my own with my injury and if I was going to heal it then it was up to me and me only.

So I buried my head in research and began trying a few things that I could do myself to help my body heal and become strong again.  Slowly (painfully slowly), over time the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place and I was able to manage my injury and feel better...

But there was still something missing...

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Then one day I happened upon a small reference in a magazine... And the last piece of the puzzle finally fell into place!

The short article referred to a  study done on the effects of a particular technique on chronic tendonitis.  Apparently the results of the study weren't conclusive but they seemed promising.  Promising enough for me to try it. 

Excited by this chance finding I took the very basic details revealed in the magazine and began experimenting with the technique.  Then I worked it into the routine I'd already developed...  

And to my great joy it seemed to be the missing ingredient that made everything come together.  It turned my existing method into the amazingly fast and effective solution I'd been looking for! 

Very Quickly I Experienced a Level of Relief That 
NOTHING ELSE Had Been Able to Achieve! 

You can imagine how good I felt when after a few short weeks the injuries which had plagued me for years were healed and I was finally free of pain!

Now imagine how that would feel for you - because now that can be your reality too...

You see, I've just finished writing 'The Rotator Cuff Remedy' for you.  

It's a 48 page illustrated manual accompanied by 14 videos which shows you, in step-by-step detail, the exact method I used to heal my own chronic rotator cuff injury so you can experience the same amazing results too!

This method works effectively and  FAST.  And it's so quick and easy to do you'll be absolutely amazed.

You could notice a big improvement within days and complete recovery could be as close as a few weeks away - even for long term injuries!

And talk about quick and easy - it doesn't even take 30 minutes to apply this method and, yes, I literally did much of it while I was sitting on my lounge watching TV!  I'm not kidding!

It only took a few short weeks for me to fix my own long term, chronic injury after the medical profession had given up on me!

Quick, Easy and VERY Effective! 

The Rotator Cuff Remedy is just what you need if you have any of the following rotator cuff problems:

  • Muscular strain
  • Tendonitis or overuse injury
  • Chronic injury such as chronic tendonitis or an injury that won't seem to heal
  • Muscular weakness, tension or imbalance from poorly or incompletely healed soft tissue injury

And look, here's a quick list of the ways you'll benefit from this method:


So quick and easy!  It takes less than 30 minutes a few times a week.  And, you can do a lot of it while you watch your favorite TV show!
No need to take drugs, cortisone injections or expensive supplements.
Once you know this method you'll have it forever.  You can use it for yourself anytime you like or use it to help injured friends or family.
You can treat yourself in the comfort of your home.
This method works fast!  You may notice a big improvement in just a few days (especially if tendonitis is a factor) and complete recovery could take as little as just a few weeks!
Works especially well with chronic injuries.  I healed injuries I'd had for years using this method - after medical professionals couldn't suggest anything else but surgery!
You can do this method on your own.  You can heal yourself without anyone else's help.
Recover completely.  This is not a 'band-aid' treatment like so many other 'treatments' that just mask the symptoms or offer a partial recovery.
You can start right now - today!  Download the manual and read it (it's a quick, easy read) and you can start using it and getting better right away!


The Rotator Cuff Remedy describes my whole method thoroughly in plain and simple, easy to understand language.   It's a 'holistic' method that covers all bases so that you can really achieve complete recovery.

And don't worry, it's an easy read - I wrote it as a 'how-to' manual rather than a text book.  No boring details, just...

Exactly What You Need To Know
to Fix Your Rotator Cuff Injury!

The complete method is broken down into an easy to follow step-by-step process and it's fully illustrated to make sure no detail is left out.  There's even 14 videos of the techniques and exercises to make sure you really see how to do it.  

And if you're one of the first to order then make sure you take a look at the extremely valuable bonuses offered below for a limited time only.

You don't have to put up with your rotator cuff pain anymore.  With the amazing method outlined in The Rotator Cuff Remedy you could be free from your pain within a few weeks!

Look - here's just some of what you'll discover inside The Rotator Cuff Remedy:

The RIGHT physical treatment for rotator cuff tendonitis.  Try to treat this the usual way and you'll probably just get a whole lot of pain and no improvement.  (I found out that the hard way!)  (page 21)
The real key to the astonishing effectiveness of this method.  It's also the reason why most practitioners won't tell you about this - even if they did know!  And it's also the reason you wouldn't do it even if they did tell you...  (page 24)
The most common causes of rotator cuff injury and exactly how you can avoid them.  (page 9)
The missing piece to the puzzle that your health care provider isn't telling you and probably doesn't even know!  When I found this everything suddenly fell into place and I got better - FAST.  (page 13)
The four elements of the method, specifically how to perform them and exactly how to integrate them for optimum results.  Do these things the wrong way or the 'normal' way and you could make your injury worse - I learned that the hard way so you don't have to! (page 14)
Are you causing further damage by doing the wrong kind of exercise at the wrong time?  Here's the right time to do strengthening exercises and the best type of strengthening exercises to do.  (page 28)
Exactly how and when to do stretching and the safest stretches to do.  Stretch the way most people do and you could make your injury worse.  (page 26)
'Bullet-proof' your body against further injury - or re-injury  (page 46)
Try this very effective technique for loosening up chronically tight muscles  (page 20)
The 7 simple things you can do to ensure that once recovered you're not faced with re-injury.  (page 38)
The most effective way to combine different types of treatments you may already have tried.  Do this the wrong way and you could make your injury worse!
The vital missing ingredient in rotator cuff injury treatment and why almost no-one does it or if they do they don't do it the right way!  Strengthening exercises and stretches are NOT the whole story - not even close!


Do you see?  Nothing is left out.  

It cost me literally years of experimenting with different 'treatments' to fine tune and perfect this method.  I shudder to think at the real cost - all the pain, the money spent on useless 'treatments', the time wasted seeing people who were unable to help me...   

And worst of all - the lost opportunities...  All the things I wanted to do that my injuries stopped me from doing.

I'll never forget that moment when my physiotherapist took me into the treatment room only to tell me she couldn't do anything else for me.  I was hit by a wave of despair as I contemplated being stuck with the pain forever!  

Don't let it happen to you!  

Here Is A Method That Can Help You 
Heal Your Rotator Cuff Injury Faster and More Easily
Than You Would Imagine Possible!

It's worked for me and it's worked for others.  

I've tried, tested and fine tuned it on my own body and my own injuries and it delivered the results that conventional medicine had failed to.

And the best part is you can start right now and be well on the road to recovery today for a special launch price of only $17.77!  

(Very soon I plan to raise the price up to a still very reasonable $37.77 - so save yourself twenty bucks and take advantage of the 'launch discount' today.)

Click here to get started right now!

Yes! This handy, step-by-step guide is  only $17.77.

That's a lot less than you'd pay for just one session with a physiotherapist or some other medical practitioner, isn't it?  And it's a one off payment too!

So why so cheap?

Quite simply I want anyone and everyone who needs this guide to be able to get it.  I know medical fees are so expensive that some folk just can't afford them - especially for chronic rotator cuff injuries where practitioners are likely to recommend repeat visits.  I also know first hand how quickly those costs add up to scary amounts!

This method brought me so much relief that I myself would have gladly paid many more times a measly $17.77 for it - it really is that valuable.  

And maybe I will put the price up even more if that's what it takes for people to appreciate it's value.  It's an odd quirk of human nature that we don't appreciate things that come cheap as much as things that cost us dearly - even if the cheaper thing is much more valuable!

Carefully consider how valuable this really is to you.

You can save yourself the years of pain I suffered - being shunted from one medical practitioner to another and shelling out money hand over fist and then at the end of the day just being a lot poorer and still in pain.  

You'll be able to say "YES" to life's opportunities again - no longer missing out because of unnecessary debilitating pain or injury.  

Some of these opportunities only come around once.  

...And this could be one of them - so jump on it now! 

Today, you can get it cheap and you'll get massive value.  Just look at the package I've put together for you:


So ... What do you get for just $17.77?

The 'Rotator Cuff Remedy' ebook
14 Videos demonstrating the techniques
Free updates of the product for LIFE!

Two More Strictly Limited Bonuses 
For the 'Fast Movers' Only:

I'm offering these ONLY as a special launch bonus and to a strictly limited number.  Only the first 25 customers will get both bonuses and only the first 50 will get the second bonus.  

Once those numbers are reached these bonuses will no longer be available.  At that time you will no longer see them on this page so if you're reading this and you see them then they're still up for grabs!

So, order right now and here's what else you'll get:

SPECIAL LIMITED BONUS - FIRST 25 ORDERS ONLY: Your questions about the method answered personally by me via email (up to 6 questions during the first 30 days)
SPECIAL LIMITED BONUS - FIRST 50 ORDERS ONLY: A copy of my ebook 'Heal Your Tendonitis'.  (sells for $17.77 on its own)

Remember, these two bonuses are strictly limited.

After the first 25 orders there will be no offer of ongoing email Q&A and after the first 50 orders if you want a copy of 'Heal Your Tendonitis' you'll have to buy it fo $17.77

So you can see these bonuses have real value.  Here's the reasons why I'm offering them to you now: 

Firstly, I can only handle so many emails...  But If you're one of my first customers I want you to have all the support you need and have all your questions answered.  I want this method to work for you and if something needs further explaining - email me and I'm there to help.   

Secondly, I'd like to get a testimonial from you sharing your success with my method. 

So if you order today and you're one of the first to order and agree to give a testimonial you'll also receive both special bonuses!

And, if that's not enough -- there's also absolutely no risk!

Take a look - with our no risk, money-back guarantee you can't lose!

Your Iron Clad 8 Week Money Back 
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

That's right,
I'm so confident in the effectiveness of my method that I'm taking all the risk!

Try it for a full 56 days (8 weeks) and if you're not overjoyed with the results then email me and I'll give you every cent of your money back.  I'll insist on it!  If my method doesn't work for you then I don't want your money!

Look, if you have a stubborn rotator cuff injury and you apply the method then you should easily be recovered well within half that time so you really have got nothing to lose but your pain.

Just click here to get started


And you don't have to take my word for it - these results speak for themselves:
"My shoulder was injured in a bicycle accident.  My shoulder was jammed into the socket. This was last July. I couldn't sleep on my right side for four months. I have had a hard time raising my arm...No yoga was possible. I couldn't even think of a downward dog without pain.

I massaged my shoulder as directed in the first video. I did this several times during the first day. The relief was immediate. Really, it is better now. I couldn't do lat pull-down's at the gym, at all for 9 months. It's somewhat painful now, but at least I can do them."

Kathleen Poole, CA, USA

"The massaging techniques are wonderful! I also have tendonitis & the massaging really helps with that. The massaging & the exercises - I've put them on my computer to make sure that I'm performing them correctly."

Jean Szany, Schererville, Indiana, USA


"...the program is going really well. I have almost full mobility back in my arm and shoulder and no longer have any pain except on a very few tasks. 

I am still doing the program and each day my arm feels/gets better and better. Previously I sometimes couldn't sleep at night from the pain in my shoulder and that pain has totally disappeared.

Thank you so much. I had tried lots of other things and medication but your program was the only thing that worked. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you."

R Wolghe, USA

So...  Are you going to keep living a life of pain and not being able to do the things you want because of your injury?

Or are you going to click the order button below and be on the road to recovery and a pain and injury free life in just days from now?

It's your choice and I've made it as risk free for you as I possibly can.

Take the next step, try my method out and imagine, just a few short weeks from now - your pain gone, your injury healed.  And even better, you know how to avoid ever facing tendonitis again and you'll be forever armed with the knowledge of how to heal it quickly and easily for yourself or your loved ones. 

Isn't that worth a measly $17.77?

You know the answer so go ahead and click the button below to get started:


Get Your Copy Now For Only

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After your payment, you will be taken to a download page where you can get your report with a right click of your mouse. It's that easy!

To your speedy recovery,

Sean Jacey

PS: Why put up with the pain and frustration of rotator cuff injury any longer when you can try this method risk free, right now - today - and be on the way to recovery quicker than you can imagine?  Click here to order The Rotator Cuff Remedy now and start getting your life back today.
PPS: Remember, only the lucky first 25 customers get the email Q&A support and the Heal Your Tendonitis ebook for free with The Rotator Cuff Remedy.  These two strictly limited bonuses will not last long.  Click here to order now so you don't miss out!

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